Students Perform in first Spring piano recital

Joshua Ross, Music Director at the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County recently hosted a Spring piano recital. The recital featured 13 of Ross’ most talented piano students. This was the first recital of it’s kind at the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County. Participants in this recital ranged from ages 6 to 10.  The recital was put on for family, friends, and BGCCC club staff members. Much of the recital featured musical selections that were performed from the Lang Lang Piano Method books. Students have quickly taken a liking to these new books and have already flown through much of level one and a good portion of level two. Joshua’s students are all beginner level, and read over 20 selections from the method books.  Student’s played through some of their favorite selections such as “Ode To Joy” and “Dancing Tree Frogs”.  Other selections included a pop tune as well as a well known hymn by some of Joshua’s more advanced students. Joshua would like to personally thank Pam Edlund, Evelyn Amador and Dulce Marante for helping to make this recital possible, printing programs, and handling reception duties. Joshua would also like to extend his thanks to Lang Lang & the folks at Cami Music for the method books that were donated and their dedication to educating our youth through music.

Below are additional recital photo’s

Joshua Ross

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