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Do They Still Make Steinway Pianos? Yes They Do!

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If you’re wondering whether Steinway & Sons is still in the business of making these prestigious instruments, the answer is a resounding yes. Steinway continues to produce pianos that are as much a feat of engineering as they are works of art, and they uphold tradition with modern innovation.

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As a professional pianist and teacher, I often tell my students about the timeless allure of playing a Steinway. These pianos offer an incomparable touch and tone that’s both a pleasure to play and to hear. Even today, the company’s commitment to quality is evident, with their Astoria piano factory fully operational and continuing to contribute to the world’s collection of fine pianos.

The Astoria factory is as lively as ever, carrying forward its legacy of excellence.

If you’re interested in contacting Steinway & Sons’ Astoria factory to inquire about their pianos or to discuss a potential custom order, you can follow these steps to get the information you need:

Contacting Steinway’s Astoria Factory

  1. Phone Inquiry: The most direct way to contact the Astoria factory is by phone. You can reach them at (718) 721-2600. This will allow you to speak with a representative who can provide detailed information about their pianos and the ordering process.
  2. Online Inquiry: Visit the Contact Us page on Steinway’s website. Here, you can fill out a form with your specific questions or requests, whether it’s about the history of your piano, restoration services, or information about factory tours.
  3. Factory Tours: While the website notes that public tours are no longer conducted, it’s worth inquiring directly if there are any special considerations or future plans for factory tours, as these can provide a unique insight into the craftsmanship behind Steinway pianos.

Pianos Made at the Astoria Factory

The Astoria factory is renowned for its handcrafted pianos, including both grand and upright models. Each piano is produced with the highest standard of craftsmanship, ensuring world-class quality.

Here is a list of models currently in production:

Model NameTypeDescription
Model SBaby GrandThe smallest of Steinway’s grand pianos.
Model MMedium GrandA versatile piano suitable for various settings.
Model OLiving Room GrandOften referred to as the ‘Baby Grand of Baby Grands’.
Model ASalon GrandKnown for its powerful range and richness.
Model BMusic Room GrandSteinway’s best-seller, ideal for both practice and performance.
Model DConcert GrandThe flagship Steinway piano used by professionals worldwide.

Custom Order Timelines

For custom orders, Steinway offers a bespoke service, allowing clients to design custom pianos in any Steinway model size with a variety of materials. The timeline for a custom order can vary greatly depending on the complexity and specifics of the design.

It’s best to discuss your custom project directly with the factory to get an estimated completion time.

Purchasing Steinways in Local Piano Galleries

Steinway pianos can be purchased at authorized Steinway dealers and showrooms. To find a retail location near you:

  1. Visit the Steinway website to Find a Location.
  2. Contact the listed galleries to inquire about their current inventory and how often they receive new pianos.

Inventory frequency can vary by location, so it’s important to communicate with your local gallery for the most accurate information. They can also inform you about their selection process, which allows customers to choose a specific instrument from a variety of models.

Many Steinway dealers offer a “Selection Room” experience, where you can compare different pianos in a controlled environment to find the one that best suits your preferences.